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Owen B Lewis & George Harold Millman

In addition to Square, we've created a variety of work for stage, screen and print. Here is some information about it.

Short films

Love in a Lift

This was the first project we made together in 2017 - how it all began!

Life's A Bench

Owen made this without George, but we tend to include it amongst our work as we think it's a lovely film.


This film was made during lockdown to raise awareness of dementia issues. It was inspired by Alan Bennett's Talking Heads, which was being repeated at the time.

Drama Queen

This was also made during lockdown, just as a means of keeping up the spirits of some of our favourite actors. Partly inspired by Staged.

Stage plays

The Boy Who Made it Rain

George adapted this from the novel by Brian Conaghan. Staged at the Alma Tavern, October 2022. Directed by Owen.

Review by Milan Perera

High School Never Ends: The Musical

Owen wrote this original musical based around the songs of the band Bowling for Soup. It has been performed multiple times in Bristol and London since 2018, in multiple locations and with various different casts and crew members.

Review by Milan Perera

Vulnerable Voices

We adapted this play together from Owen's published novel, and it was staged at the Loco Club May 2023. Jointly directed.

Review by Jen Smith


Owen has two published novels that are available to purchase from all good retailers.

George produced and directed the audiobook editions of both of these novels.

The Waterfall Warrior

Owen's first novel, a fantasy involving parallel worlds, mystical creatures and prophecies. Owen is currently working on the sequel, which will eventually be a trilogy called Wilcroft Chronicles.

Vulnerable Voices


A coming-of-age story about a young man who falls into a volunteer position as a career for adults with learning difficulties. Partly inspired by personal experience.

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